AI powered remote care technologies

Supporting efficient, high quality remote care, without compromise

Noomi learns, monitors and analyses the subtle changes in a person's daily routine. Identifying potential health issues before they escalate, while alerting caregivers in case of an emergency.

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Settling into the background of everyday life

Noomi works by connecting a sensory, lightweight wristband with a cloud-based machine learning platform, identifying emergencies and analyzing the behaviours of those in need of care.

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At Noomi, we develop technologies to enable a proactive and data driven approach to remote care monitoring, helping carers, clinicians and institutions take preventative steps to reduce the escalation of health conditions.

A paradigm changing approach to care

We all expect an increasing standard of healthcare, but maintaining this expectation requires greater efficiency without losing the human touch. With increasing expectations from healthcare providers, we believe that technology can enhance human centric care.

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