Settling into the background of everyday life

We don’t think care should be cumbersome

That’s why we have designed a wristband that is discreet, comfortable and has a battery life of up to 12 months. It contains a range of minute sensors that collect and transmit data 24 hrs a day.

This data is streamed directly to our cloud-based platform via one or more nodes placed around the living space. These are easy to install and designed to integrate into the background of everyday living.

In the cloud, machine learning algorithms analyse the wearer’s patterns of behaviour, detecting emergency alerts and behavioural trends.

All emergency alerts or data insights are accessed through a mobile and web app. These are easy to use, ensuring that primary caregivers can focus on the task in hand.

Insights from behavioural trends

The behavioural trends can be used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors and physiotherapists, to identify upcoming health issues, from a urinary tract infection to predicting the possibility of a fall.

Artificial intelligence

The power of AI is the possibility of catching a lurking health issue before it escalates into a more serious illness.  At the moment, physicians build up a picture of a person's wellbeing by establishing patterns in their symptoms, often through direct feedback. But spotting patterns is exactly what AI is fantastic at doing.

By connecting AI with subtle monitoring devices, we can enhance the ability to diagnose issues before they escalate, while observing the effectiveness of treatments. At Noomi, we believe that AI can support and enhance human centred care. Our algorithms  sift through vast quantities of data in a matter of seconds helping to deliver real-time insights that help make proactive healthcare possible.

In turn, this helps institutions optimise workflows and improve their use of resource, while generating cost savings.

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Noomi works by connecting a sensory, lightweight wristband with a cloud-based machine learning platform, identifying emergencies and analyzing the behaviours of those in need of care.    
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