Supporting efficient, high quality remote care, without compromise

Noomi learns, monitors and analyses the subtle changes in a person's daily routine. Identifying potential health issues before they escalate, while alerting caregivers in case of an emergency.

Peace of mind

Noomi works to support a person's autonomy and independence as they grow older. Our system is intelligent. It doesn’t rely on direct action to identify an emergency, ensuring that critical events, like a fall, are not missed.


Noomi reduces response times in case of an emergency by delivering clear and accurate information in real-time. Our system reduces the number of false positives, meaning less time investigating emergencies that didn’t happen and more time on delivering quality care.


Noomi reduces complexity by providing an integrated, single solution that is easy to use.
We deliver multiple functions in one vertically integrated solution, enabling easy deployment of new functions as they become available, without costly upgrades. This removes the need for multiple products or solutions and the costs associated with their purchase and management.

Preventative care

Noomi helps carers and clinicians take preventative steps to help reduce the escalation of minor health conditions. Using behavioural trend analysis, Noomi offers insights into a person's long-term health. Preventative care through early, appropriate action can be automatically triggered by detecting deviations from normal behaviour.

For example, the long-term monitoring of bathroom activity can provide an indication of an early stage urinary tract infection, while speed and gait analysis could indicate the likelihood of a fall.


Noomi provides sophisticated insights without impacting the dignity and independence of the wearer.  
All personal data is owned by the end user and we can delete data upon request. Our system uses banking-grade encryption for all data in transit and is compliant with all aspects of GDPR in regards to the use and storage of personal data. Our system has been engineered to meet the stringent security, reliability and data integrity requirements expected when providing critical services to people in care.

Discreet and durable

We have designed our wristband to be as comfortable and discreet as possible so that it can be worn 24/7, and with a battery life of 12 months , it doesn’t intrude on the wearers day-to-day life. Noomi is simple to use and fits into the background of everyday life.

The node is simple to install, and integrates seamlessly into a home environment.  Our software is designed to support the day-to-day work of primary caregivers.

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The scenario: a nursing home with 100 residents and 2.9 acutal falls / resident and year.


• Detects 277 of 290 falls
• Generates 32 false positives
• Misses 13 falls

Inustry leader

• Detects 58 of 290 falls
• Generate 6x more false alerts than real
• Misses 232 falls    
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